SIEGE Airsoft

SIEGE Airsoft

Action Wargames’ SIEGE AIRSOFT events specialise in small team warfare. Our games are fast paced and present unique scenarios, we cater for experienced and new players alike.

We cap all our games at 20 players and sell tickets in advance online, this for your maximum enjoyment so please click below for booking details and game packages.

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Two Unique Arenas

Firstly we have the 1940s indoor CQB arena, formally an old cinema, nightclub and dinner hall which has now been converted into a take no prisoners combat arena perfectly suited for action packed small arms Airsoft warfare.

Secondly we have a well developed and constantly evolving woodland arena, with a variety of bunkers and bases the arena offers a fast pace of play due to it’s modest size, best enjoyed with medium sized teams and is perfectly suited to night games !!

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Two Unique Arenas

Private Hire and Party Bookings

We can now cater for PARTY BOOKINGS of 4 to 10 Players. We provide everything you need to play an intensive 2 hour session of indoor close quarter combat. Click’ more info’ for booking details.

If you would like to arrange PRIVATE HIRE of the venue for your group of friends, team or club please contact us for rates. We provide one marshal to oversee your day and if requested can provide game scenarios. For a real challenge our home team can play opposing force or make up numbers if you prefer a larger game.


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We all started somewhere so don’t panic ! We’ve put together some links and articles to help new players get started..

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