First up the UKAPU have an excellent beginners guide to Airsoft here, so I’d have read through that first then pop back and check out our guides below..

Every Airsoft venue or event will typically follow a similar set of game and safety rules, however it’s always worth checking out a new venue’s rules before commencing play and ours can be found here. The rules can be quite detailed and may seem a little overwhelming the first time you play but they will soon become second nature and as always if you are in doubt just ask a marshal or regular player.

Buying a ‘Realistic imitation firearm’ requires under law a defence against the ‘Violent crime reduction act’. For Airsofters over 18 years old this means you have to be a member of an insured venue and have played a minimum of 3 games in a period spanning 2 to 12 months. There are a few accepted schemes and membership options available to Airsofters who fit the criteria. The other option is to purchase a two-tone brightly coloured gun.

Clothing and equipment is often a concern to players starting out but it needn’t be. As long as you have sensible footwear for a walk in the woods and some comfy clothing to crawl around in you’ll be just fine for your first game. If you decide Airsoft is for you then take a visit to your local army surplus store or check out Ebay for some great deals, grab some boots and go from there.

Most importantly have fun and play with integrity, Airsoft isn’t about winning at any cost. The winners are the ones who have the most fun and the losers are those which cheat themselves and others out of a good battle.

Play hard, play fair !