We can now offer Party Bookings for groups of 4 – 10 Players.

The Party Booking includes: Rental Guns, 1000 BBs each and Face protection for £20 per player. 

You’ll get approximately 4 x 20 minute games in the 2 hour slot and please arrive 30mins prior to check in .

We run up to 4 sessions per day and booking is required via the online contact form, we will then contact you to confirm availability.


  1. 0930 to Play 1000 – 1200
  2. 1230 to Play 1300 – 1500
  3. 1530 to Play 1600 – 1800
  4. 1830 to Play 1900 – 2100

Minimum age 11 , please read the terms and conditions before booking.

Our CQB and woodland arena are both available to rent privately by groups of friends, teams or Airsoft clubs.

We love large scale Airsoft as much as anyone however we also LOVE playing fast paced, action packed games with a small group of trusted players, it’s a real buzz and offers an exhilarating experience rarely found in the south west. All players are obviously welcome to join our walk on events but for something a bit more personal why not book the site for yourselves ?

We provide one marshal to assist as much or little as required, from there you are welcome to create your own game scenarios or train with your team.

We offer a 6 hr booking, which can be played in one or both of the playing arenas or a 4 hr booking which is best spent in one arena or the other.

Prices and availability of the venue are available by email request to info@actionwargames.com or by using our contact form.