CE approved full face masks can be rented, any alternate face and eye protection are used entirely at your own risk. Under 18s must use eye and face protection.
Eye protection must be in place before leaving safe area and stay on until back inside the safe area.

Airsoft guns must be cleared (Mag out, fire a shot in a safe direction and apply safety.) and stay on safety and be pointed in a safe direction before leaving the playing area and entering the safe area, this includes sidearms, dry firing in the safe zone is not permitted.

Bio BBs only on site please.

Rental guns must only use the BBs provided.

Game Rules..

When hit shout ‘HIT !’ and make your way back to the designated regeneration point. Dead men don’t talk and Medic and ‘Regen’ rules may vary on the game at hand.

When closer than 5m use semi auto fire and aim for the body when possible.
Grenades kill in a 5m line of sight radius.
You can surrender an opponent by making them raise their hands, there is no bang kill rule.
‘Friendly fire’ counts.
Primary weapon hits don’t count.
Ricochets don’t count.
Shots coming through bushes do count use common sense, if in doubt take the hit.
No overshooting / overkill of players. (Call ‘HIT !’ loudly to help avoid this)
No blind firing.
Knife kills, tap to body.
Take your hits, SHOUT ‘HIT !’ when hit and raise your arm, game exclusions and site bans will be enforced for offenders.
Don’t call hits on players, report it to a marshal.


Site Rules..

Eye/face protection must be used at all times in the playing area.
No dry or live firing outside the game area.
Use a gun bag or cover when walking between gaming areas.
Under 18s must be supervised crossing the main road.
You must be 18+ to use or purchase pyrotechnics.
All pyrotechnics not purchased on site must be cleared for use by a marshal.
Respect the marshal’s decisions and pay attention during game briefings.
Verbal or physical confrontations will not be tolerated.
Don’t run in the CQB arena, some areas may be slippy.
Don’t climb on, move, run into or jump over obstacles and barricades.
Cease fire and clear your gun on end game whistle blast or on hearing ‘STOP !’.
Any serious problems such as an accident shout ‘STOP !’ and notify a marshal.
Lost eye protection drill is to cover your eyes, lie down and shout ‘STOP !’.
Please report any hazards to a player marshal.


BFGs and devices..

May only be loaded with 9mm or .209 blanks.
Must be thrown underarm in line of sight and must not travel above waist height.
Do not tamper with or disarm booby traps.
Do not leave BFGs as trip hazards, place them in a safe location if you come across them on the floor.

Player Marshals..

We use player marshals on-site, they have the power to verbally warn or remove players from a game.
PMs will always identify themselves before dealing with an issue and then return to their previous position.
A blatant safety or rule breach will result in a sin bin for that game and a formal site warning.
Report suspected non-hit taking to a PM with a description of the player and they will arrange for player monitoring or a formal warning.
A player marshal’s decision should not be contested, if there is an issue bring it up later with the site manager.
Player marshals are trusted volunteer players in place to make everyone’s day better so work with them and respect their decisions.


FPS Limits..

All guns must be chronographed with your game BB weight and tagged before the briefing by 1015am.

Below are our maximum limits on variation by weight. (0 of 5 shots must not register higher.)

CQB FPS Limits..

Max 350 fps using .2g BB or or 1.14 Joules max – Semi auto only

Sub 300 fps guns may be used in short bursts at the marshal’s discretion.

Outdoors FPS Limits..

Fully Auto Capable Gun..

.2g = 350 fps or 1.14 Joules max

DMR limit with 15m MED..
.2g = 450 fps or 1.88 Joules max

Sniper limit with 25m MED..
.2g = 500 fps or 2.32 Joules max